Prince of Tennis: RisingBeat-Prince of Tennis: RisingBeat v6.2.0 MOD APK (Always Tap Perfect)

Prince of Tennis: RisingBeat-Prince of Tennis: RisingBeat v6.2.0 MOD APK (Always Tap Perfect) title=

Prince of Tennis: RisingBeat


The first-ever competition of its kind was held in Tenipuri! Make the songs the characters sing into the music for a rhythm game. A large number of “Characters” contribute to our comprehension of Tenipuri’s history, and they join a cast of individuals that are already well-known to us.

Most of the story revolves around the meteoric ascent to prominence of tennis phenom Echizen Ryoma. After winning the junior tennis championships in the United States for four years in a row, he returned to Japan to study at Seigaku Academy, which is well-known for its tennis program. There, he needed to put in additional effort to begin winning against the more experienced athletes. Rising Beat is a mobile game played from a horizontal screen, just like other music and rhythm-based mobile games. The game allows players to choose from up to sixty songs, the great majority of which were either included in the television series or adapted from the manga. This playlist includes the Rising Beta track, which serves as the central theme for the game.

Although some components are recognizable, Rising Beat also features many choices that are original to the gameplay. Instead of having static surroundings, the narrative mode of this game focuses on the interactions between its characters. In addition to gaining access to new musical tracks, players can unlock new cutscenes as they progress through the major story of the game. In addition, the MySpace element of the game enables players to personalize the virtual home where their adorable chibi avatar inhabits by employing the in-game currency known as Gold. All visitors to Rising Beat will now receive special in-game items and a beginning gold sum as a prize for the pre-registration goal of 300,000 users being met. This reward is being given as a thank-you for the objective of reaching 300,000 users.