Healing Rush-Healing Rush v1.31 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Healing Rush


Healing Rush brings the work of a doctor to the players, and they will need to treat the sick people who come to their clinic. You will easily unlock new hospital beds to treat many patients quickly. At the same time, you are free to hire additional doctors who will do their work and assist you in difficult situations. You will be able to expand your clinic and cure many new diseases.


Players will take over a hospital in Healing Rush, and this is where they can become rich by curing incoming patients. It is because many sick people keep coming to your clinic, and one of them, there will be some VIP characters that can give you impressive rewards after you have saved them from their illnesses. In addition, your gameplay will not be able to take your eyes off because of the many stages that you will need to perform.


You will see many patients appear in Healing Rush, and you will go there to be able to bring them to the hospital bed. This work will only take a short time, and after these characters are on the hospital bed, the cure will also appear. So your next job is to go to the pharmacy to get the respective medicines, and you will see them well after that if you give them the right medicine. Of course, you will receive a corresponding amount.

A mechanism that any player cannot ignore is that you can easily take multiple types of items or send many patients to the hospital bed simultaneously. This feature comes in handy when you’re unlocking multiple different hospital beds, and for sure, you’ll be able to treat multiple patients at once with multiple drugs you’re holding. At the same time, you only select a specific type of object to perform this feature because if you hold a lot of drugs, they will disappear when you bring many patients to the hospital bed.


If you do your work continuously, you will collect a certain amount of money in Healing Rush. This process does not take too long to perform, but it will be quite slow when starting the game. So you will need to spend a lot of time to expand the size of the hospital by using the money you spend to unlock many empty cells to place more hospital beds. Then you keep buying new beds.

The number of beds that the patient can lie in is minimal, so when you expand the size of the room, empty cells with new prices will appear. So you need to go to these empty boxes and wait a few seconds for the bed buying process to occur. After that, a new bed will appear, and you can take multiple patients to the respective area and cure them quickly. You will also likely encounter many difficulties as the number of patients increases.

The number of patients coming to the hospital will never decrease, so it is unlikely that you can cure them all quickly. You can hire a few more doctors to work for your clinic, and the healing performance will be faster for sure. At the same time, you do not need to worry about managing new doctors because they will act on their own and support you in the best way.


As mentioned above, you can easily unlock other examination areas in Healing Rush, and for sure, it will require more money than you will unlock new hospital beds. So, you will be the one to decide the development of your clinic, and when you open a new area, you will have access to new diseases and corresponding remedies to cure them. Indeed, you need to use your money correctly to buy the necessary things.

Players will have easy access to the role of a doctor in accessible gameplay:

You will take over a clinic, and your job is to treat any patient who comes in after learning of their illness.The healing operation is straightforward, but it will need to go through many steps that anyone can do and requires the players’ flexibility.You can expand the number of beds and the size of the clinic to treat more patients and not ignore the VIPs.There are too many patients in some cases, so you can hire more doctors to come and help you in the treatment.You can use the money you earn to do many things in the game, and one of them is to unlock more areas to cure more diseases.