Benji Bananas-Benji Bananas v1.51 MOD APK (Unlimited Bananas)

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Benji Bananas


Benji Bananas is a game that runs to infinity when players will try to control Benji’s swing correctly to be able to go long distances and collect many bananas. Many factors can interfere with Benji and make it impossible to continue swinging. At the same time, besides the problematic elements, players can also use boosters and get help from friends to have the opportunity to observe more impressive scenes.


Players will accompany the yellow monkey named Benji in Benji Bananas and its ability to swing over vines in the trees in the forest. From there, players will try to maintain this swing state and jump to other vines to be able to travel as far as possible. During the move, you should not forget to collect bananas that appear anywhere in the environment, which is the primary resource used in this game.

Players will not be able to take their eyes off Benji’s moves, and the move is easy to try now, which is to hold to cling to one vine and release when gaining momentum and continue to cling to another vine. At the same time, players will need to be careful during the experience as they will encounter dangers such as thorny plants that can make Benji unable to swing or fall into the water. Any factor that makes players unable to swing will bring you a failure.


When you step into the world of Benji Bananas, you will certainly not be able to ignore the scenery of the area that Benji moves through. Depending on your ability to swing, you will be able to help Benji go to newer parts of the forest beside the starting forest of the level. You also need to pay attention to some of the boosters elements that appear inside this game, and it is typical of the genre that runs to infinity.

Levels of the race to infinity always have boosters scattered around, and if you pick it up, you’ll get a certain effect. One of the most popular effects is the magnet that sucks up all the bananas in close range. At the same time, Benji also receives support from his friends, such as Head Start to help Benji have a safe starting speed compared to the primary way of starting in the game.

Players will follow Benji’s journey in the vast forest:

Players will control Benji with the basic control operation of hold and release to help them jump to other positions and go a long distance.There will be locations where bananas appear in the forest that players will try to collect because this is an important resource in the game.Players will try to get good results and avoid dangerous elements such as thorny bushes or not being able to swing and fall into the water.When players reach a certain amount of points, they will travel to a new location with a different landscape than the original forest.Boosters often appear in games that run to infinity, and Benji will have the support of friends with impressive abilities.